Albert Koch is an Appenzell original. Since 1970 he has been passionate for Appenzellian goats that were facing distinction back then. Albert took over his parents’ farm and switched fully to breeding Appenzellian goats and soon started sustainable production of his first goat cheese which was quite revolutionary at that time. In 1982, a businessman from Kuwait showed interest to breed Appenzellian goats in his home country, so Albert flew to the Arabian Peninsula with five Appenzell goats and two Valais Blackneck goats. After an adventurous trip on which the animals even were lost for a while, they finally all arrived safely in Kuwait. Thus, the goat pioneer managed to make Appenzell goats and their valuable products known far beyond the Swiss borders. In 2000, Albert handed over the family business to his son Mathias and now the next generation continues the tradition. Having retired, Albert gave in to the idea that had haunted him for a while: to create a skin care line based on the precious goat whey. He seized on the tradition of whey spas in Appenzell and combined goat whey with revitalising power of the water from St. Jacob’s source. From the combination of the two unique treasures of Appenzell LediBelle was born!


It was not a coincidence that the founder Maximilian Schnorr came across the goat pioneer Albert Koch. Both families are connected by the cheese tradition. Maximilian’s father used to deal in cheese and Albert Koch produced it. The business relationship soon grew into friendship which extended to both families. Maximilian first met Albert as a little boy during the joint family holidays. He made a career as a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, being responsible for fragrances, skin care and beauty products. When Albert Koch approached him with the idea of LediBelle, he decided to go self-employed and to develop their own skin care line together with Albert Koch. Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG was founded in February 2016. The two very different personalities aimed at bringing the needs of humans in harmony with nature.

And the result is skin care line LediBelle – the source of pure beauty and energy – based on the long-forgotten tradition of whey spas in Appenzell and regenerating water from the legendary St. Jacob’s source.


The secret of the brand LediBelle is in its unique natural ingredients and outstanding skin compatibility.



Discover our natural skincare line for your beauty.



The LediBelle products are available in the selected specialized stores in Germany, Austria, Russia and Switzerland.