True to the philosophy of LediBelle – a source of pure beauty and energy – the main components of our cosmetic series are based on true gifts of nature: naturally nurturing whey of the Appenzell goats, made in the traditionally sustainable Alpine landscape in the Appenzell region, and energizing St. Jacob’s spring water from the legendary source at mount Kronberg in Appenzell. These ingredients are obtained from the processes, that have been sustainable since the times when the notion of sustainability did not even exist in today’s sense. Further processing and refining of our valuable raw materials is subject to strict criteria: The energy comes exclusively from ecological power sources; secondary water comes from certified recycling circulation systems.

Furthermore, LediBelle packaging is made with regard to careful use of natural resources: We use only FSC-certified cardboard which means that it is environmentally friendly and has a socially responsible origin. Sustainable origin is also important for our choice of all other LediBelle ingredients, which cannot be sourced locally. This can be verified at any point of time at



Expansion of industrial agriculture has irreversible consequences for nature: Traditional agricultural techniques are being abandoned because of mass production. Alpine pasture farming fulfils extremely important functions for preserving intact natural life cycles, which are at stake because of its elimination.

Through the exclusive use of the fresh whey of the Appenzell goat, classified as endangered, from sustainable regional farms, Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG supports preservation of the unique mountain world in several ways. The shrinking of the native goat population has been stopped and thus, owing to the endeavours of the Swiss organization for the promotion of endangered breeds ProSpeciaRara (, the survival of the precious original breed is secured. Environmentally friendly Alpine farming, based on breeding of Appenzell goats, in turn, preserves the centuries-old cultural landscape of the Appenzell highland pastures and maintains the Alpine ecosystem.

With these efforts, we would like to give the future generations a chance to experience Earth as we have come to know it. By choosing LediBelle, you contribute to protecting of our environment and the beauty of the Alps. Moreover, we would like to step up our efforts and support other important sustainability projects. Is there a project close to your heart which helps people and nature get back in tune with one another? Tell us about it at!



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